Colorado Springs, CO 2018 Art and Soul Workshops

Workshop Details

Janice Richie
9:00 - 4:30
Tuesday - May 29

C128 - Red Rosin No-Sew Binding Book

$ 150  


A book that does not require any sewing! Your dream come true! We’re going to start with a 4X4 foot piece of red rosin paper (the paper contractors put on your floor when they’re painting your rooms). I will have the paper gessoed ahead of time for you. Then we’re going to splash lots of paint, rubber stamps, stencils, marks, doodles, etc., to cover the paper. There will be enough when you’re done to make several books, and anything else you need background papers for, including greeting cards, collage, etc.

The pages for the inside of the book are pre-folded and put into signatures for you. They are 140 pound Exact Index white paper; strong enough for everything you could want to do to it, i.e., watercolor, acrylics, inks, rubber stamps, stencils, etc.. The beauty of this book is that the pages can be pulled out of the and put back in when you’ve finished working on it, because the pages aren’t sewn into the book -- remember? No sewing for the binding!

I will show you how to do “ghost” painting on the pages, so you have a book without any blank pages. I can’t guarantee we’ll get all the pages done in the class, but enough to learn the technique.

This is a very fun project and you’ll find yourself going back to these techniques for all kinds of other projects.

Kit fee $20 payable to instructor at beginning of class includes:

Large section of red rosin paper
7 Signatures of 5 pages each for inside papers (140 pound exact index white)
Several types of ribbon, raffia, etc., for holding pages in
Paints in many different colors
Cardboard for the spine of the book
Ultimate Glue
Canvas Cloth for strengthening the book
Use of my rubber stamps, stencils
A Tyvek envelope for reinforcement of the closure
Buttons, molding paste, additional embellishments
Dye Cuts, Copper Leafing

Students need to bring:
Cheap 1 and/or 2 inch chip brushes and any others you might want to use for painting
Bone Folder
Favorite stamps if you like (foam rubber stamps work great)
Favorite stencils if you like
Paper Towels
Water Bucket