Colorado Springs, CO 2018 Art and Soul Workshops

Workshop Details

Erin Keck
9:00 - 4:30
Sunday - June 3

C104 - The Rustic Mica Journal

$ 150  


In this workshop students will learn about several ways to use the mineral Mica. The techniques of altering this amazing mineral makes it a perfect addition to many crafting projects. During the class students will
construct a small scrapbook style journal which they will incorporate pages of their altered mica. Although the finished Journal in itself will be quite a nice piece to leave with, it will be the knowledge students will acquire in the uses of mica that will be the true addition to their art world.

$25 Kit fee includes:
Mica, metal, miscellaneous hardware and tools needed to complete the project. Extra images and text to choose from.

Students will need to provide:
apron, lap towel, chain nose pliers, ruler, metal file, sharpie, small flat screwdriver, scissors, 10 pieces of cardstock cut to 3” X 3” size. 7 Images to fit 2.5” X 3” (these can be old text, photos, ect…) , 1 cover image measuring 1.5” X 2”.