Colorado Springs 18 Art and Soul Workshops

Workshop Details

Lisa Renner
9:00 - 4:30 & 6:30 - 9:30
Saturday & Saturday Eve

C178 - About Face: Creating an Abstract Polymer Clay Bust

$ 235  


Join me for a polymer clay/mixed media extravaganza titled About Face! In this one-and-a-half-day workshop I will guide you through the steps in creating an abstract polymer clay bust, with the emphasis being on the head and face. Even if you have never sculpted before, no worries! We will use face molds to jump start the sculpting process, (I will have a variety for class use) and from there you shown simple ways to alter and modify the features to individualize the face. (No two faces will look alike!) Plain glass beads will be used for the eyes which you will set in the eye sockets and paint yourself to make your figure look alive, soulful and full of expression.
For the bust, an abstract pod-shaped armature will be formed and covered with polymer clay. A variety of materials can be used for applying color including acrylic paints, alcohol inks, metallic rubs, milk paints, etc. so bring whatever you choose to use. (Teacher will bring alcohol inks). Innovative headwear options, whether outlandish or conservative will put your sculpture in a category of its own so bring your imagination to the table! (There will be headwear examples to see in your handout that can be made from clay but feel free to bring something from home if you wish: Examples: scrap clay for a “turban”, unusual (lightweight) hardware pieces, rusted components, seed pods, rustic wood pieces, etc.)
Skills to be learned include basic anatomy of the face, molding and sculpting, making a simple ear, setting and painting the eyes, application of color to the face and body, adding texture, antiquing and more. By the end of class you will have a basic understanding of facial structure and proportions to add to your arsenal of tips and techniques for future projects.
Working abstractly enables us to take creative liberties with our design and execution, eliminating the stress of achieving perfection, and instead, allows us to embrace our own unique imprint. You will be amazed at what you make!

Supply fee: $20.00 includes: a 4” dowel, head armature, glass beads for eyes, batting, detailed hand-out with step-out photos, use of all materials: face molds, dry release, a few clay shapers and other tools, sandpaper, wire, wire cutters, Dremel, safety glasses, rubber stamps and selected texture tools, Pan Pastels, Metallic rubs, glue, liquid clay, acrylic paints for eyes, some miscellaneous beads, and anything else needed that’s not listed for students to bring.

Students Bring to class:
Polymer clay: Plain, white Sculpey that comes in a 1.75 lb box is recommended for this project. See photo below. It is what I use exclusively for my figures and is extremely malleable, particularly for the head and face, so please bring this type of clay. (You will probably not use the entire box of clay but better to have more than enough than not enough.)
Glass or smooth tile work surface, Pasta machine (no motors!), acrylic rod roller, clay blade, small ball-tip stylus tool
Roll of foil, Roll of paper towels, spray bottle filled with water,
Favorite sculpting tools such as rubber tipped clay shaper and any others you like (I will have some to share)
Acrylic paint in the following colors:
For antiquing: black or burnt umber
For face: flesh colored
For body: any color you choose if using acrylics for the body
For eyes: desired color (Optional because I will bring Blue/green/ violet/brown/gold/copper, and white acrylic paint to share)
Paint brushes: 
a 1” natural bristled brush for antiquing,
a tiny “00” brush for painting eyes,
and a medium sized paint brush of your liking (such as a Filbert) to apply paint to the face and body.
Bring your desired medium for coloring the body: These are only examples!:
Acrylic paint in any color(s) you like
Milk paints (gives a “bisque-type” surface feel)
Pan Pastels and soft dry brush for application (I will have some colors you can use but if you have special desired colors, bring them).
Teacher will bring alcohol inks and metallic rubs as an option
Small jar to fill with water for washing paint brushes

Texture tools/implements: (Suggestions: rubber stamps large grit sandpaper, sanding screen, sea shells, bamboo skewers, etc. - anything with texture (I will bring some things to share)
OPTIONAL: but handy to always have on hand: wire cutters, jewelry pliers (round and chain nose),
OPTIONAL: small cutters such as Kemper, old jewelry parts to embellish the body of the figure, beads, buttons, colorful pearls, crystals, chain, metal components, scrap clay for headwear (a turban for example), anything extra with which you wish to embellish your figure.