Colorado Springs, CO 2018 Art and Soul Workshops

Workshop Details

Tish Reed
9:00 - 4:30
Friday June 1

C202 - Introduction to Painting with Oil & Cold Wax

$ 150  


If you are adventurous and looking for a medium that is delicious in its playfulness and uses a lot of experimentation then this class is for you! The process is full of fun and surprises as you begin to explore it. Cold wax gives you a feeling of layering and luminosity within your work. In this workshop you will build layers upon layers, then scrape into these layers to create texture and pattern. Each piece is a journey within itself with you as the maestro of this exciting medium!

We will use oil paper, wood panels, oil paints, cold wax, solvents and a variety of tools to play with and discover the joys of each piece you create. There will be techniques in layering, inscribing & mark making with several different items to include oil sticks, graphite and many more. Each piece being fun and exciting. By the time you leave you will have enough information to branch out on your own in your studio to create exciting and beautifully unique artwork.

Materials Fee $10 Includes the following: This fee covers extra items that I will provide during the class.

Supplies Needed to bring  for Class:

Oil Paper and/or wood panels (with black & white gesso already applied) at least 6 total
Oil paints in a variety of colors (an inexpensive package would be fine for the class)
Cold wax medium
Catalyst W-06 rubber wedge (this will become your most important tool)
Apron or shirt to protect clothing
Disposable rubber gloves

I will also provide extra cold wax, additional oil paints, and a variety of texturing tools, brayers, wax paper, oil sticks & more.

Optional items:

Palette knives, skewers, any mark making tools you are fond of, plastic texturing tools used by painters or dry wallers, combs etc…