Portland, OR 2018 Art and Soul Workshops

Workshop Details

Carol Nelson
6:30 - 9:30
Thursday Eve

P287e - Faux Batik

$ 85  


Batik is an ancient art form that originated in Indonesia. It involves dying fabric and selectively covering areas of the cloth with wax so they will resist the dye. After repeated steps of waxing and dying, an intricate design can be achieved.
In this class, you can learn to give your painting the beautiful look of batik, but without the labor-intensive process of true batik. Our process is done with fluid acrylic paints on rice paper and/or fabric supports. Using melted beeswax as a resist, you will learn a seven step process to create a painting that has a unique look similar to batik.
Some experience with drawing/painting is required in this class.

Materials Fee - $10 paid to instructor at beginning of class includes:
Golden fluid acrylic paints to share
Beeswax and paraffin
Unryu Thai rice paper and 12x12 inch cotton fabric squares

Supply list for students to bring:
Golden fluid acrylics (or use shared Golden paints)
Short Handled Nylon Brushes (3/4 inch flat, #6, and #2) suitable for w/c and acrylic
Several sections of newspaper (for blotting up wax)
Reference photos of landscapes, large-petaled flowers (poppies = good, daisies = bad)
Palette, spray water bottle, paper towels, pencil, water container (32 oz yogurt is good)
Optional: If you want to see your masterpiece mounted on foam board with a mat, bring a 12x12 inch mat (8 inch opening) and a 12x12 inch piece of foam board