Portland, OR 2018 Art and Soul Workshops

Workshop Details

Susan Rossiter
6:30 - 9:30
Thursday Eve

P210 - Sacred Story Cards

$ 85  


This class is now being taught by Susan Rossiter

This course supports students as they create an entire deck of ANGEL CARDS all their own. Their Sacred Story comes alive when they utilize mixed media techniques to share their heartfelt visions. Each card is a 6 x 4” treasure of truth. And every student will leave class with a deck of 15-20 cards that can be utilized in their day to day journeys.

Vintage ephemera, trinkets and treasures embellish these cards. Along with beautiful acrylic paint and ink techniques. And every card has a front and back-side. We have plenty of room to create light and love while you write down your story (and the magic of your creative life thus far)! Every card has a “theme” as we work across the deck. As we explore light, transition and shadow elements of our experiences, you’ll come to better understand your truth. Your authentic voice. And what makes you an amazing, beautiful, soulful sister.

Materials Fee $5 payable to instructor at beginning of class includes:
 card stock and templates for students to begin creating cards, as well as vintage ephemera that are one of a kind! Very special papers. Templates, satin bags for the cards, various pre-fab words students can pick and choose from,

I will supply markers, brushes and paints, stabilo pencils and pens, oil pastels, pre-printed words for cards, crackle medium, illustration pens, charcoal pencils (white and black), faber-castelle pens,

Students need to bring:
scissors, special papers (scrapbook type), stamps/ink pads, special images you have collected (even family photos), ephemera. Bring anything that gives you a SPARK! Such as special paints, brushes, etc. 

Optional items: 

ANYTHING that supports you as you consideryour Sacred Story. Ideally, I will send out a welcome email/newsletter  and describe the class they’re about to engage within….how creating intuitively from their heARTspace supports authenticity, healing and amazing artwork.

So I encourage students to find old photos, to look up quotes that spark their heart, to find scrapbook embellishments (non-3D) that can be a part of the card making process. I also encourage students to bring Angel Card Decks they already use and love…they’re a great source of inspiration and help us organize our own S.S. Cards.