Portland, OR 2018 Art and Soul Workshops

Workshop Details

Clarissa Callesen
9:00 - 4:30
Friday - Feb 16

P212 - Assembling your Treasures

$ 150  


Do you have a stash of special objects that you keep hoarding because one day you’re going to make that special piece of art with them? Do you keep collecting but not creating because you don’t know where start? Come let me help. I will share my years of experience, skills, and tricks for creating Assemblage art. We will be working in the altar or box format to create a unique permanent home for those treasures. There will be a strong focusing on texture; distressing new objects to create the patina and illusion of age, using paints and potions to create cracks, bumps, rust, and shimmer. We will discuss composition and then I will share a myriad of different ways to connect and unify objects into a cohesive work of art. I support and encourage everyone to create in their own unique way.

Supply list to bring to class:
• A base or box to house your treasures (potential ideas: cheap balsa boxes from Michaels, a cigar box, a lid to box from a thrift store, a found piece of old wood, a silver tray, metal tin, or ?)
• An assortment of unpainted wooden shapes from Michaels ( hearts, stars, discs, or elaborate laser cut shapes)
• A small figurine or special object that will be the focal point of your art piece (potential ideas: small religious statues, hard plastic or ceramic animal figurine, a cross, a feather, a wooden heart, a small doll, or?)
• A decent selection of those treasured found objects to embellish your altar with (potential ideas: buttons, broken jewelry, keys, stones, sticks, charms, fake flowers, etc)
• An assortment of your favorite acrylic paints, make sure to include a black and white
• A selection of smaller paint brushes include a detail brush
• A palette and water container
• A small container of gel matte medium
• A small assortment of collage papers
• If you own a heat gun or embossing gun please bring, but do not purchase just for class. There will be several to share.

Supply fee $15 payable to instructor at beginning of class includes:

• Apoxie sculpt
• Gesso
• Walnut ink
• Rust Paint
• A variety of glues
• wire
• Gold and silver leaf
• Use of power and hand tools
• Butane torches and heat proof surfaces

P.S. No stressing allowed, it is about the creative process, not the specific supplies. Please email if you have any questions. clarissacallesen@gmail.com