Portland, OR 2018 Art and Soul Workshops

Workshop Details

Jenny Doh
9:00 - 4:30
Friday - Feb 16

P351 - Free Motion Stitched & Watercolored Art Dolls

$ 150  


NOTE: Sewing Machine Experience Required

We will have 5 machines available for this class if you are traveling. Please contact glenny@artandsoulretreat.com to reserve a machine. If you live locally, please bring your machine and let us know so we can reserve for others!

Free motion stitching is all about lowering the machine's feed dogs, attaching a darning foot, and controlling the movement of the fabric in a way that allows you to draw shapes including faces, boats, flowers, writing, and really anything else you can imagine. If you can draw it, you can free motion stitch it.

FIRST PART (before lunch)
In the first part of class, I will demonstrate the basics on how to control the fabric with the machine's feed dogs lowered, and together, we will do some warm-up exercises that get us understanding how to free motion stitch.

After we get the basics down, I will demonstrate the steps that I take in free motion stitching a face. I will also demonstrate how to free motion stitch other shapes and cursive text.

SECOND PART (after lunch)
In the second part of class, I will demonstrate how I apply watercolor paints to color the stitched works. I will also demonstrate how I apply fabric paints (that I will bring and you can use if you want to try out) in different ways.

THIRD PART (after lunch)
In the third part of class, each participant will make a choice to either finish a stitched and watercolored work into an actual doll by sewing and stuffing it co completion, or decide to continue practicing the stitching and coloring without making it into a doll option. We will also discuss other options that the works could take, like art quilts, and other works of art.

Art & Soul will partner with Bernina to have available for each participant, a sewing machine that has the ability to lower its feed dogs, along with a darning foot. If you have a machine you love that can lower feed dogs and a darning foot and you would prefer to use your own machine, we would appreciate if you would  bring it with you.

• Threads (I like black, read, and white but you can bring other colors as well) and other sewing notions
• Quilting gloves (to help you grip the fabric as you move it)
• Heavy cotton fabric like drill cotton. I like to use drill cotton because I don't need to use a stabilizer. If you bring fabric that is less sturdy than drill cotton, please also bring stabilizer.
• Optional: Stabilizer. I like the tear-away kind. This is something you need if you are using fabric that is less sturdy than drill cotton.
• Watercolor set (like this one or really any other set you may already have)
• Watercolor brush (nothing fancy)
• Hand-sewing needle
• Stuffing (a 12-ounce bag will be enough for you to make 2 small to medium doll. it's called fiberfill, or polyfill ... like this one.)

• Optional: Water-soluble marker (I really do not like to use these markers when making free motion stitched art becuase I feel it sucks the energy right out of the project. Having said that, if you want to have one on hand, you can and I'll teach you how to use it with extreme caution.)