Portland, OR 2018 Art and Soul Workshops

Workshop Details

Ingrid Dijkers
9:00 - 4:30
Sunday - Feb 18

P358 - Thru the Rabbit Hole

$ 150  


“Through the Rabbit-Hole”,a delightful tunnel book, will take us through the Rabbit-Hole using the beloved Tenniel drawings as seen in the original Alice books. These images will be incorporated into our own books in such a way that small bits of each page will be visible from the front or back, giving the book dimension and interest. Each turn of a page exposing more of the journey. Wooden covers will be provided to make a sturdy book sure to hold up to many adventures. 

As this is a very time consuming project, it is highly recommended that you prep you pages as per the on-line tutorial prior to class. This will help save valuable class time to focus on technique.

Kit fee $ 20  payable to instructor at beginning of class
Includes acetate page, wood front and back book covers, binding rings and all printed imagery in color.

Supplies Needed for Class:
Small container of Gesso
Elmer’s Glue
Various paint colors (craft paint jars are fine)
Inexpensive 1" natural bristle brush (as found at home improvement centers)
Cuticle scissors
Bone Folder
Your usual journaling supplies such as - Markers, Gel Pens, watercolor pencils,
Pencil and white eraser
Prepared pages as per tutorial

Optional items:
If you have the following or we can share-
Small container of Glaze
Heat Gun