Portland, OR 2018 Art and Soul Workshops

Workshop Details

Caitlin Dundon
9:00 - 4:30
Thursday - Feb 15

P234 - Black & White Magic

$ 150  


There is something fantastic about black and white in combination that both relaxes the eyes and excites the imagination. It’s not just babies that are stimulated by high contrast of black against white. While many of us are familiar with black over white in painting, we’ll be exploring white gesso (and Titan Buff paint) over black gesso to start a dreamy mark-making exploration inspired by hieroglyphic, paleolithic and other ancient symbols and writing and even just plain scribbling. We’ll use household tools and artist tools to create our marks and work in layers, sanding back, and even some glazing and yes, students can add another color too! We’ll also explore texture with acrylic soft gel, fiber paste and molding and texture pastes. We’ll work on a 16” x 16” wood panel (flat or cradled) or canvas or if you prefer you may choose to work on 4” - 6” square blocks, watercolor paper or individual canvases.

Kit $10 payable to instructor at beginning of class includes:
fiber paste 
acrylic soft gel 
molding/texture paste
Catalyst tools/wedges to share
other household tools to share
palette knives to share
dixie cups

Students Should Bring:
white gesso
black gesso (instructor recommends Golden)
flat ½” and 1” paint brushes
water container
paper towels
16” x 16” wood or canvas panel
OR 16 individual 4” – 6” blocks/heavy duty watercolor papers or canvases
12” or larger ruler

optional: 1 color of acrylic paint, Titan Buff acrylic paint, Catalyst tools/wedges, alphabet/kanji/symbol stamps/stencils, palette knife