Portland, OR 2018 Art and Soul Workshops

Workshop Details

Lisa Jones Moore
9:00 - 4:30
Monday & Tuesday Feb 12 & 13

P252 - Dynamic Surfaces in Mixed Media & Pigmented Wax (2-Day Class)

$ 295  


Textures! Colors! Patterns & Shapes Abound!
Have you ever seen a pattern on a sidewalk or a weathered wall that stopped you in your tracks? Or, lines and patterns in beach sand that intrigued you? Employing the powers of “Vision & Touch” with mixed media and pigmented encaustic wax, you will learn how to interpret the beautiful, dynamic surfaces that surround you! Encaustic paint (pigmented beeswax) is used in a molten state, and is a VERY tactile medium. After you have learned the basics of working with encaustic, you will create at least 12 small “tacTILE” sample boards (approximately 4” or 5” square panels), using at least a dozen mixed media techniques. You may bring ideas/sketches/photos from favorite places that inspire you, as an option. For your final project, you may either assemble your beautiful “tacTILES” onto a larger substrate as a lovely texture “mosaic”, or continue to explore the wonderful surfaces that inspire you. Join me for TEXTURE IMMERSION and mixed media mania! ALL LEVELS are welcome!

You will learn the following techniques:
• Encaustic wax “basics” and safety
• Scribing into wax, wax accretion, “scraping back” layers
• Mixed media techniques (all compatible with wax): graphite/pigment/oil pastel “rubs”, impressions with found objects, embedding small objects, use of alcohol and water-based artist inks, mark-making and more!
• Texture techniques using the following: wax, molding paste, wall spackling, crackle paste, lace, cheesecloth, sand, eggshells, natural elements and more!
• Designing your own stencils for “pattern and shape” fun
• Shellac and wood glue “burns”, if time and space allow
• How to assemble your “tacTILE mosaic” art piece or “sample” book, if desired

Materials Fee $45 payable to instructor at beginning of class Includes

Clear encaustic medium, encaustic white paint, encaustic gesso, various texture-making items/supplies such as molding paste, crackle paste, materials for stencils, tracing paper, graphite, shellac, wood glue, mixed media demo supplies, gloves, heat guns, irons, and heated palettes.

Student Supplies Needed to bring for Class:
Encaustic paint (up to 5 colors): recommend Enkaustikos Hot Sticks or Wax Snaps, OR R & F Encaustic Paints (small bars) OR Encaustic Art paint set available on Amazon.com. You’ll use approximately 2-4 fluid ounces of encaustic paint per day. Consider using 1 metallic color.

12+ 4x4” OR 5x5” of ANY of the following: MDF or Masonite boards, “cradled” wooden panels, Ampersand EncausticBord or ClayBord. Recommend having all of the same size for FINAL assembly of FINISHED piece. You will complete approximately 6 small boards per day (12+ total). *

Clean, small metal tins (3 oz.cat food tins-labels removed, or very small R & F rectangular paint tins) for encaustic paint, 1 for each color of paint

Small NATURAL BRISTLE brushes for EACH of your encaustic paint colors (recommend short-handled 1” goat HAKE brushes, or inexpensive hog bristle)*

Paper towels

Exacto knife with sharp blades


Masking tape or blue painter’s tape

Apron or OLD clothing! We do get messy!

Optional items:
Larger substrate (recommend “cradled” wood panel) for final assembled "mosaic" of the smaller panels you create. (make sure it fits into your suitcase!)

Very "soft" oil pastels (recommend Portfolio or Sennelier), or oil sticks such as Shiva Paint Sticks or R & F Pigment Sticks. Instructor provides a few to share.

Alcohol inks or water-based artist inks such as India Ink or Higgins (1-2 colors) plus small brushes. Instructor provides a few to share.

Texture-making items and materials (be creative!) such as old kitchen gadgets, stencils, buttons, cookie cutters, door screen, ephemera, lace, cheesecloth, eggshells, items from nature, etc. Instructor provides a few to share.

For more information about class supplies, or any questions regarding the class, please contact the instructor: lisa@jonesmoorestudioart.com