Portland, OR 2018 Art and Soul Workshops

Workshop Details

Liz Kettle
9:00 - 4:30
Wednesday - Feb 14

P264 - Magical Stitches

$ 150  


We will have 10 machines available if you are traveling. Please contact Liz (lizkettle@textileevolution.com) to reserve a machine.  If you live locally, please bring your machine and let us know so we can reserve for others!

Stitching and beading on silk ribbons and fibers lighter than air seems impossible but these ephemeral thread lace embroideries are quite simple to create…but, shush...let’s keep that little bit to ourselves and let everyone think we have special fairy stitching talents. In this class we will create these magical embroideries with free motion sewing machine stitching and simple hand embroidery stitches. This class is suitable for beginners and up. Even if you have hardly done any free motion sewing you can do this. 

Kit Fee: $5 includes:
the special water soluble stabilizers you will need.

Supply List: Choose your favorite color palette to work in

Fibers: silk or  wool loose roving fibers or yarns of any fiber

Fabrics: Optional, you may want some small pieces of silk, linen or cotton fabric to add to your piece. We use very little fabric. No more than a sandwich bag of bits.

Thread: You will want a variety of threads to choose from; cotton, rayon, polyester, metallic, holographic. You do not need all of these different types. Bring all the threads you have in your chosen palette and we can share too. Bring threads that will blend as well as contrast with your fibers and fabrics.

Yarns: A selection of medium and fine yarns, woven yarn tapes, narrow ribbon, and heavy threads in your chosen color palette. You do not need one of each type I listed. 

Needles: Large chenille needle for hand stitching and size 90 embroidery needle for machine work.

Sewing machine: in good working condition and the ability to drop or cover the feed dogs.

Scissors: small pair for trimming threads and yarns