Portland, OR 2018 Art and Soul Workshops

Workshop Details

Jacqueline Newbold
9:00 - 4:30
Wednesday - Feb 14

P295 - Paint Like a Master

$ 150  


With watercolor and mixed media, we will have fun painting several landscape paintings from start to finish, just like the master painters. We will start with some great composition and value designs that will help you learn how to turn your paintings into works of art. Using watercolors, we will explore traditional watercolor techniques, such as how to create beautiful, colorful washes and glazes. We will also be adding some mixed-media to put a final touch on our masterpieces. Bring an 8 x 11 copies of your landscape photos to learn how to use it to create your own painting. This class will be a valuable lesson in how to create a beautiful painting!

Materials Fee $10 payable to instructor at beginning of class includes:
Extra paints and brushes for students to use if they don’t have their own, special watercolors to try, value pens, tracing paper, Artist tape, white gouache, saran wrap, color photos, value finders

Student should bring to class:
• Watercolor paints, brushes and palette.
• Your watercolor supplies, including your watercolor paints, palette and brushes or consider my new DANIEL SMITH Extra Fine Watercolor Jacqueline Newbold Traveling Kit. This is a wonderful way to get started! A savings of over $60 and includes free shipping! Check out what is included in the kit on my blog: djnewbold.blogspot.com.  The only way to order the kit is to call or email Joan Wright at Daniel Smith Art Supplies: EMAIL: joan.wright@danielsmith.com or CALL: 206-812-5877 ext 454
NOTE: If you do not have this kit, please try to have similar colors (other brands such as Winsor Newton, Holbein or Sennelier are great) on your palette for this workshop. Here are a few of the colors I recommend: new gamboge, hansa yellow, Winsor red, permanent rose, phthalo blue, and cerulean blue. .
• Arches 140 lb watercolor paper - a block works well, 9" x 12" (the better the quality the paper is the happier you will be with your final product)
• A drawing pencil and kneaded eraser
• Permanent black ink pen
• Water container
• Washcloth or sponge
• Small spray bottle
• Optional – photos of landscapes you want to paint.