Portland OR 2018 Art and Soul Workshops

Workshop Details

Debbie Rijns
9:00 - 4:30
Wednesday - Feb 14

P312 - My Gypsy Life

$ 150  


I have grown up travelling and soon realized that I must have some
 gypsy blood in me in order to justify this love.
We will make a notebook with silver covers on a suede background.
The book will have rice paper pages dyed in rooibos tea. The piece will
be embellished with beads from around the world making this
 a colorful and unique item. To hang the book as a pendant we will make a copper
or silver bar bail.
This book is not meant to be used for happenings past, but for wishes
and dreams. They say if you write it down.....

Kit: $22.00 payable to instructor at beginning of class includes:
Clay Roller
Rolling Strips
Sand Paper
Teflon Sheets
Copper Wire
Silver Wire
Piece of leather
Paper for Book
Rooibos Tea Bag
Cotton Cord
Embroidery Threads
Vintage Beads

You will need to bring the following:
1 x PMC3 16g pkt
PMC3 Syringe Clay (optional for embellishment)
Embroidery Needle
Glue Stick
Hand drill (pin vise) and 2mm drill bit
Round Nose Pliers
Wire Cutters
Craft Knife and Tissue Blade
Stainless Steel or Brass Brush
Impression Material ie. Rubber Stamps
Resist for hands and tools (Badger Balm)

Any questions can be sent to me at