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P325 - Stencils, Maps and Collage: A Perfect Storm

Susan Schenk
9:00 - 12:00
Tuesday AM

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$ 85  

Make your own stencils to create delightful collages of intriguing shapes. Discover how to use recycled paper as if it is paint to create a unique work of art. You will be guided through the technical challenge of making realistic renderings from recycled materials, and produce one or two frame- ready works of art. No drawing skills needed. Simple shapes such as birds or flowers are easiest.

Supplies Needed for Class:
Color images that appeal to you—bird, butterfly, flower for example. Can be from a calendar, photocopy or your own art work. 8 x 10 is perfect. Image will not be harmed. Birds are an easy project.
Papers that will be cut up, especially old maps, scrapbook sheets, music, etc.
Old magazines to tear up like National Geographic
An Exacto knife with several fresh blades at the ready
A cutting board or mat

Materials supplied in class to use:
Light tables
Manila folders to make stencils
Drafting tape
Felt markers-wide and narrow tip
Gel Medium and brushes for finishing
Magazines with colorful, heavier, glossy pages
Manila folder or large envelope for valuable scraps to take home
Mats for temporary frames
Old credit card or other stiff paste spreader or palette knife
Pages from old books
Reference photos
Scissors, craft knife (Exacto style)
Wallpaper, heavy paper stock or mat board 11” X 14”
Throw-away pasting work surfaces
Tracing paper and acetate tracing materials
Washcloth/towel for glue wiping
Water-soluble crayons and pencils for details
Yes! Paste and PVA glue with brushes

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