Portland OR 2018 Art and Soul Workshops

Workshop Details

Jean VanBrederode
9:00 - 4:30
Sunday - Feb 18

P349 - Paint Pot Pendant

$ 150  


Like a tiny palette of oil paints, Paint Pot Pendant will display your favorite enamel colors all in one beautiful torch-enameled pendant! In class, we will cut your design shapes from sheet copper (or use my designs) to create the bottom and domed top plates, then create the tiny paint pots to fill the bezel opening to later be filled with luscious enamel colors! If you have never used a jeweler’s saw before or have been unsuccessful with it, have no fear! You’ll be sawing like a pro by the end of this class You will leave the workshop with a finished Paint Pot Necklace to proudly wear and say “I made this myself!”

Kit Fee payable to instructor at beginning of class - $30 includes copper, tubing, sanding block, lots of enamel colors and supplies,, use of jeweler’s saws, 2.0 saw blades, bench pins, vises, tools to share, sanding supplies, Map gas torches and firing equipment, pickling equipment, etc.

Student supply list – Wear natural fiber clothing, closed-toe shoes, bring magnifying glasses for close-up work. Also, bring what you can from the following list. I will have a few of these things to share with the class, but not enough for everyone to use all the time:
Saw frame, 2.0 saw blades, flat nosed pliers, round nosed pliers, tweezers, small ball peen hammer or chasing hammer, metal files. Many of these things can be ordered from Art Girl’s Tools – http://artgirlstools.etsy.com Use Etsy checkout code tool10 for a 10% discount!