Portland, OR 2018 Art and Soul Workshops

Workshop Details

Jill Timm
9:00 - 4:30
Sunday11 & Monday 12

P343 - The Amazing Dremel - 2 Day Class

$ 295  


In this creation transforming 2 day workshop learn how to use the magic tool every artist should have, the amazing Dremel tool. You will learn how to drill, cut, carve, etch, shape, polish, and grind non-traditional book making and craft materials such as, glass, plastic, metals, wood, tile and more. After this class your material options for your projects will be limitless. You will try your hand at working with various materials and learning how to use the numerous bits for different purposes and effects. As you play with materials you will be making pages for your sample book for later reference. Great for book artists, printmakers, jewelers, sculptors, or anyone wanting to do "stuff" to materials beyond paper and fabric.

Please download this info about the Dremel:


Supplies Needed for Class:
Multiple speed Rotary Tool (Dremel) (see handout for more tool info)

Exacto knife, pencil, ruler, fine point felt marker.
Dust mask, Protective glasses or goggles, ear plugs. 
Cutting mat or dense cardboard.
Simple designs, art or graphics to fit within 4" sampler pieces. I will also bring a few graphics.

$50  materials fee includes:
wood case containing 228 various rotary bits for the Dremel tool for working most any material.
All the precut materials for class (glass, mirror, tile, wood, metals, polymer, plexiglass, etc.),
Materials needed to compile completed pieces into a book - pages, cover, spine, binding device. And misc supplies and tools to use and sample.

Optional items:
4 pieces decorative paper at least 6'' square to cover the boards front and back of your sample book.
Any unusual materials you want to experiment with
Any Dremel bits you may have (but you don’t need to buy any)