Portland, OR 2018 Art and Soul Workshops

Workshop Details

Laurie Mika
9:00 - 4:30
Sunday Feb 11

P363 - Artful Objects

$ 150  


My obsession with creating molds began many years ago. I have collected beautiful found objects and jewelry pieces at flea markets throughout Europe and Mexico and was using these original pieces in my mosaics. As they started to disappear, I thought I better make molds so that I could continue to have them for future projects! In this class, we will discuss mold-making but will be using a plethora of my own molds to create “artful objects”. Students will learn the process of using polymer clay in molds, painting it, collaging it and embedding the clay with beads and small jewelry parts to create truly unique elements. These pieces made from polymer clay can be used in a variety of other mixed media projects from mosaics to jewelry. 

Supplies Needed to bring for Class:

5 small (2 ounce) packages of Premo polymer clay. The colors of your choosing but include one package of tan. NOTE: the darker colors like black, brown, alizarin crim-son and purple work better because they end up looking more like rusty, metal piec-es.(except the tan which looks like ivory or bone) Make sure clay is somewhat soft to the touch before buying. If it feels rock hard, don’t buy it! Please condition clay prior to class by kneading it until soft, then rolling into a ball and then storing it in a baggie.

Rolling pin or even a piece of large (1.5 “) diameter PVC pipe works (about 10-12 inches long)

Silver and Gold Rub n Buff (from Michaels)

A small paintbrush

A pencil with an eraser

A small bottle of Weldbond glue (Michaels or Ace Hardware)

Small doo-dads to embed in clay: charms, glass rhinestones, rhinestone chain, small glass pearls, milagros, jewelry parts, crowns, wings, halos, glass domes, ball chain, beads, metal findings and buttons. Any small laser copies of images you might prefer. I have plenty of female figures to share! See pics for ideas. (no acrylic or self-adhesive doodads)

Optional items: 
 Golden Quinacridone Nickel Azo Gold paint in tube