Portland OR 2018 Art and Soul Workshops

Workshop Details

Russell Conte
9:00 - 4:30
Saturday - Feb 17

P366 - It’s a Cinch! The Fabulous Waspie

$ 155  


NOTE: Sewing machine experience is required.  This is an intermediate sewing class. You are being taught how to construct a project -  not being taught how to sew.  We will have 5 machines available for this class if you are traveling. Please contact glenny@artandsoulretreat.com  to reserve a machine. If you live locally, please bring your machine and let us know so we can reserve for others!

A person utters the word, “corset” and anyone within earshot will prick an ear. Yes, corsets are an area of mystery and intrigue. However, if someone says something about an evening gown foundation or a bustier, it will illicit little reaction. And what is a corset except a boned up bustier with lacing?

In this class, you’ll learn how to measure for and make a waspie – that fabulous under-bust waist shaper. (We’d do the over-bust, but there’s too many curves and too few hours…) From fabrics and linings, to foundations and structures, from boning and busks to bias bindings and lacings, we’ll cover the gambit. The goal – to finish the ENTIRE waspie in class. But just in case we run out of time, we’ll do one side – then start the other.

Please email your measurements to Russell prior to Jan 1, 2017 so that we can expidite class time.

Materials Fee $ 60.00 paid to instructor at beginning of class includes 
All materials and instructions for making an under-bust waspie

Supplies Needed to bring for Class:
BERNINA sewing machine, bobbins, standard foot (#1), zipper foot (#4), quarter inch foot (#37), size 80, 90 and 100 sharp needles, fabric shears, thread trimming scissors, tape measure, tailors chalk, pins, and a smile…

Optional items:

Lemon Squares… Though they should probably be on the “needs” list…