Portland OR 2018 Art and Soul Workshops

Workshop Details

Debbie Rijns
6:30 - 9:30
Wednesday Eve

P312e - Copper/Silver/Crystal

$ 85  


Earthly elements; when brought together can be made into wonderful mixed media pieces. We will be making a pendant where you will learn to silver solder on copper, solder a bezel cup then add stone powder. We will finish the piece by using a butane torch for oxidizing the copper in beautiful colors.

Kit: $30.00 paid to instructor at beginning of class includes:
Copper Sheet
Silver Solder
Green Kitchen Scrubber
Fine Silver Shot
Fine Silver Bezel Cup
Ground Stone
+- 2 1/2 " Crystal
Cotton Cord

You will need to bring to class:

Planishing/Repousé Hammer (Flat one side round on the other)
Metal Shears
Diamond File
Bench Block
Small Table Vise
Long Nose Pliers
Butane Torch
Soldering Pad
Liquid Super Glue (Not Gel)
Brush for Flux

To Share:
Solder Flux
Jewellers Pickle

 Any questions can be sent to me at debpmcafrica@mweb.co.za