Virginia Beach 2017 Art and Soul Workshops

Workshop Details

Eric Scott
9:00 - 4:30
Tuesday October 3

VA172 - Wish You Were Here

$ 150  


Who doesn’t love going to the mailbox and discovering a postcard from some exotic destination sent by a friend or relative? Who doesn't love sending postcards in return when they travel? But we don’t have to wait to explore the world in order to document our memories and capture those special moments. We can create our own postcards about our experiences of the past, the current events in our lives, and our dreams of the future. In this mixed media workshop we will use the events of our own lives as inspiration for making art postcards that speak to our memories and to our aspirations. We will explore the milestones and signposts of our experience as the inspiration for small personal works of art that could possibly be mailed to ourselves or to others or simply held and treasured as mementos of our lives.

Materials Fee  $10 & List of what is supplied:
12 - 4”x6” Mixed Media postcards
UHU Glue Stick - 1.41 oz
uniball Vision pen - black

Supplies Needed for Class:
Small set of watercolors
Small set of watercolor pencils
Small water cup
Variety of brushes
Waterproof pens and/or markers of various colors
Glue Stick – UHU Jumbo recommended
Collage materials – maps, photos, postcards, colored papers, ticket stubs, maps and any other visually inspiring and personally relevant items that can help depict your journey.

Optional items:
Other favorite journaling and mixed media materials