Virginia Beach 2017 Art and Soul Workshops

Workshop Details

Nancy Prichard
9:00 - 4:30
Tuesday October 3

VA134 - Ribbed Forms of Expression

$ 150  


Students will investigate how “ribs” can provide the underlying structure for a variety of 3-D forms. Creating free-form baskets and experimentation with reed and wire will provide the skill-set for the production of an expressive sculpture. Emphasis will be placed upon selecting and evaluating materials (natural and man-made) for their expressive potential. Finished sculpture size will be approximately 12” tall or wide.

Materials Fee & List of what is supplied: $20
 Reed, wire, raffia, yarn, foam stuffing, Paverpol textile hardener, vines, found objects and materials, string, brushes, polymer medium, light weight paper, buckets, pruning shears, fabric, tin snips, modeling clay, acrylic paint

Supplies Needed for Class:
 Lap towel, needle-nose pliers, wire cutter, tacky glue, scissors

Optional items:
Found wire, sticks, found objects (natural and man-made), bucket, scrap yarn and fibers, vines