Virginia Beach 2017 Art and Soul Workshops

Workshop Details

Kate Thompson
9:00 - 4:30
Saturday October 7

VA161 - Ledger Girls Workshop

$ 150  


In this class we will work on vintage ledger papers and canvas boards to create vintage portraits using various techniques such as acrylics mixed with retarder, watercolors, chalk paints and charcoal. We will prepare our papers and canvas boards by plastering, stenciling and geli plate printing. I will have a couple of geli plates available so no need to buy one, but if you do have one please bring it so we will have more available.I will demonstrate on the geli plate how to work with matte and transparent colors. We will be painting and image transferring our images onto our rich new surfaces we created. I will demonstrate portrait painting using the various mediums. You will also have the option of image transferring a face and painting on top of the image. All levels will feel comfortable in this class.

Vintage ledger papers (varies sizes, largest 9 ½” x 14”)
Canvas boards (8” x 10”)
Acrylics- (I use Golden open acrylics) titanium white, paynes gray, ultramarine
Golden fluid acrylics-Quin. Nickel azo gold,quin. Crimson
Craft paint-colors of your choice (I use pastel blues and greens)
Charcoal pencils- 4b 6b
Joint compound
Various brushes- filbert brushes-2,4 ¼” angular brush, a small pointed brush for detail work, 2” cheap utility brush
Fluid matte medium
Ephemera and collage papers
Geli plate (as I said in the description, no need to buy one for the class, I will have several, but if you own one , I encourage you to bring it so we will have more to share)