Virginia Beach 2017 Art and Soul Workshops

Workshop Details

Debbie Rijns
9:00 - 4:30
Friday October 6

VA139 - Still Spooning After All These Years

$ 150  


This project is a follow up to my African quill spoons, but with a twist.
PMC spoons with exotic wood handles that can be used in many
ways, including framing them! You will have a choice of handles in a variety
of exotic woods. These spoons will be embellished with an item of your
choice, a pearl, natural gemstone or assorted vintage African beads.

Kit:$22.00 payable to instructor at beginning of class includes:
Choice of 2 Exotic Wood Handles
Clay Roller
Rolling Strips
Assorted Straws
Choice of Embellishment
Bezel Cup and Nail or Wire depending on Embellishment
Vintage African Beads
Polishing Cloth

You will need to bring:
1 x PMC3 16g
1 x PMC3 Syringe (optional for embellishing)
Resist for Hands and Tools (Badger Balm)
Craft Knife and Tissue Blade
Hand Drill (Pin Vise) and 1mm Drill Bit
Sand Paper 400 and 320 grit
Stainless Steel or Brass Brush
Impression material for Spoon

Any questions can be sent to me at