Virginia Beach 2018 Art and Soul Workshops

Workshop Details

Cat Kerr
9:00 - 4:30
Wednesday October 3

VA258 - Mary Oliver Heart Bezel Pendant

$ 155  


Throughout these years, Mary Oliver's poems have inspired me, guided me and centered me. Though most believe Mary Oliver to be one of the greatest female poets of American History, I see her only as a friend, one who quietly tells me, there is no time to waste.
These pieces were inspired by my love for the words of Mary Oliver.

In this class you will learn:
• the basics of using a soldering iron
• learn how to create and solder a bezel
• learn how to personalize your pendant
• learn about patina
• assemble and finish your Heart Bezel

$25 Kit paid to instructor at beginning of class includes:
• 1-Brass hearts
• 1- 1/2” brass pipe
• 3-Jump rings
• 4 Tinned Copper Wire/Jump rings
• Sari Ribbon-choose color
• Images-choose image

Patina Station: Gloves, paper plates, Patina, baking soda paste/wash, paper towels. As well as dowels, images, resin, and assorted tools to use.

Material List to bring to class
Soldering Stations: Cookie sheet, heat resistant surface, 100 watt iron, wood handle tweezers, stand, eye wear, clothespins, gel flux with brush, Sal ammoniac block, lead free solder, clamps.

Hammers, pliers,wire cutters, steel wool, emery boards, Black clay, 1/16 “stamp sets, metal block for stamping, masking tape, Renaissance wax, Mask(if you are sensitive to fumes, I suggest that you get a mask), polishing cloth, Mod Podge with brush, *Amazing Clear Cast Resin, seed beads, scissors, needles and thread, small beads or seed beads, chain and jump ring to hang your pendant.

*Resin is optional, some people prefer to do the resin portion at home. I will demo how to apply the resin, but you can choose to do it in class(if so then bring resin) or at home where it can cure with having to move the pendant.

This is the mask I use Honeywell RWS-54008 Saf-T-Fit Plus P95 Disposable Respirator with Exhalation Valve.iT'S $8 on Amazon

Soldering Supplies:(soldering irons, stand, solder, tweezers, gel flux, patina, eye wear, sal block, copper foiling tool)
*If you plan to order make sure you do it way in advance so that the supplies can get to you in time for the class. I will have a few items for sale in class but not a lot due to me traveling and the weight of the items.