Virginia Beach 2018 Art and Soul Workshops

Workshop Details

Susan Rossiter
9:00 - 4:30
Saturday October 6

VA231 - Working Large: Big Chicken Collage

$ 150  


Painting large can be a scary thing. My approach includes diving in fearlessly with wild abandon and reining it in toward the end. This system has really worked for me and I will show you my whole process from start to finish as we prepare a background, measure for successful placement, build layer over layer of paint and paper, use special attention on the edges of the painting and then bring it all together with some special touches and tedious details. Finally! Something to go on that big empty wall!

Materials Fee $30 includes:

18x24 1/3/8” deep canvas, large Collage Paper Pack with lots of beautiful art papers, shredded money, old book pages, maps, and more. Acrylic paints to share, use of pigment pens, stencils, spray acrylics and anything on the art supply community buffet. I’ll also have some chicken images for reference and inspiration.

Supplies Needed to bring for Class:
Soft Gel Medium (I use Golden)
Favorite acrylics set and brushes
Your favorite collage papers
Water container

Optional: You are welcome to bring a larger canvas and keep the 18x24 for another project. I chose this size because it will fit in a large suitcase.

Feel free to email if you have questions