Virginia Beach 2018 Art and Soul Workshops

Workshop Details

Lynne Suprock
9:00 - 4:30
Thursday October 4

VA254 - Soldered Charm Palooza Bracelet

$ 150  


Over the years I have made quite a bit of jewelry. However, I have a few favorite things that are dear to me, like my soldered charm bracelets, that always seem to add just the right amount of sparkle. Hopefully, my choice of bling beckons others to investigate, to feel, to imagine, to inquire. It’s one way to connect creatively. It is also an avenue to share who we are with others. I believe our adornments, as well as or dress, is a reflection of who we are on the inside.
Together we will create a platform for sharing your true selves, your story, by using playful imagery, symbols, special papers, pieces of love notes, pressed flowers or words that represent who we are. You will learn how to solder jump rings to your glass charm, and attach a few jump rings to some of your own items that you bring along with you to class. Combining your fabulous treasures and newly created glass charms, will provide just enough sparkle in a beautiful statement bracelet to wear.

Kit Fee $30 paid to instructor at beginning of class Includes: all the silver bearing solder, safety silicon mat (no cookie trays needed for this class), sal ammoniac block, flux and brushes, flux neutualizer, all the cut glass, copper foil, a special solder jig to take home, a bracelet chain for your charms, lobster clasps, rags, copper cleaner

Students Must Bring to class: 
1. A soldering iron…Please make sure it is a 100 Watt ¼” CHISEL TIPPED Soldering Iron and stand with small cellulose type sponge. (preferably your iron should have a rheostat included on the handle, or separate rheostat to plug the iron into to control temperature. This process is very difficult without one)
2. A Fume mask (not a dust mask) or a carbon fume extractor, if you are smoke sensitive. 
3. Two nice jewelry pliers to use for attaching charms to bracelet.
4. A dirty or beat up small pliers to use during the actual solder process.
5. Bring a Sharpie Brand marker, any size tip.
6. Small paper cutting scissors.
7. 91% rubbing alcohol
8. Old toothbrush. 
9. Optional: bring pressed flowers, your own pictures, SIZED AND ALREADY CUT into either 1”x1” 1”x .75” or 1”x.5” pieces, odd or broken costume jewelry pieces, old earrings, rings, other odds and ends. (The instructor will have plenty of vintage pictures, words, papers, and pressed flower pedals for charms if you do not have any of your own to bring).