Virginia Beach 2018 Art and Soul Workshops

Workshop Details

Lynne Suprock
9:00 - 4:30
Friday October 5

VA254B - Tintype Tease

$ 150  


A “tintype”is defined as a kind of wet-plate process, whereby chemicals are applied to metal, and then an image is exposed directly, so that it is developed on the spot. In this class we will transfer an image quickly and cleanly, and NO, NO, NO chemicals will have to be used. There will be no water or paper rubbing, no acetone, no solvents, no gels……nothing. I will tease here, and say its magic… or so it seems. The process is new. No one has transferred images exactly this way before, so in this workshop, you will be virgin pioneers of the process! After we prepare the piece, we will creative unique vintage mountings, similar to those used in the early 19th century, so that you can display. Finished size, mounted is 8” x 10”.

Students Need to Bring to Class:
1. Although I will have some lovely vintage images to use, you may like to use your own (They must be no larger than 4” by 6” and a high resolution JPEG). If you would like to use something special, you should email one or two images, as JPEG attachments, to me directly by SEPTMEBER 1st, so that I can ready them in the correct format for class. Email: (
2. A non-stick craft mat
3. Box of LARGE paper clips (at WalMart)
4. At Least 8 large Binder Clips (at WalMart)
5. 6 yards long by 2 inches wide of fabric, in the color of your choosing. I highly suggest a 100% thin polyester that is actually called “ lining”. (tear or cut remnants you may have or find at sew stores such as Joann Fabrics)
6. Acrylic paints,… your paint color choice will depend on which color you would like to use on the background mount for your tintype, as it should also coordinate with the fabric you choose.)
7. Chip brush, or similar 1.5” or 2” brush for painting your background piece
8. Non-latex, fitted gloves (bring ones that fit snugly to use with this process!)
9. Sharp scissors
10. Nicole’s super Tacky Glue OR Aleen’s Quick Dry Tacky Glue. (they are white but dry clear)
11. Tape measure
12. A fine tipped Sharpie marker to mark holes

Kit Fee: $35.00 to be paid at the beginning of class via either by check or cash, correct change, if possible includes the following:
1. Mounting boards
2. Mat Frames
3. Glass rhinestones
4. Oven sheets
5. Containers of product used in the image transfer process
6. Vintage images formatted (or email me your own, if you want to use them)
7. Drill and bit and block
8. Hardware for hanging and mounting work
9. Other tools to share