Virginia Beach 2018 Art and Soul Workshops

Workshop Details

Lynne Suprock
9:00 - 4:30
Friday October 5

VA2545 - Rainbow House Pendant

$ 150  


These little necklaces are all about designing wonky houses and giving them a bit of color and shine to become your symbolic creative space or a home in your heart. Copper shines like the colors of the rainbow after painting with a torch. The screws are the cold connections holding the pieces together and the words are stamped into silver bearing solder, given a patina, and becomes a piece filled with special meaning. There are several skill sets learned and combined in this workshop to create this beautiful pendant.

Kit $25 paid to instructor at beginning of class Includes: Copper, micro hardware (screws, nuts, eyelets), micro tools, silver bearing solder to share. Also included are, chain, jump rings and findings, butane fuel, flux and brushes, silicon mat (no need to bring a cookie sheet), sal ammoniac, flux neutralizer , patina and applicators, sand blocks, brass chain, jump rings, and micro eyelets, and washers, metal files, copper cleaner, felt fabric, steel alphabet stamps, drill and bit workstation with wood, and metal punch for divots

Students Must Bring to class:
1. A micro torch. If traveling via plane, make sure your torch is completely emptied and packed in a clear plastic bag and placed in checked luggage, with a note of its use for an art class. Do not bring the fuel. . I will have butane fuel available for you to use at class. It also helps to have a copy of your class workshop, or receipt for A&S, tucked in with the torch as well , to avoid problems with security. I have had no issues by packing most supplies this way.
2. A 100 Watt Soldering Iron and stand, with either a ¼” or ½” CHISEL TIPPED soldering iron with a cellulose type sponge (preferably with a rheostat included, or separate rheostat to plug the iron into). 
3. A Fume mask (not a dust mask) or a carbon fume extractor, if smoke sensitive. 
4. Safety goggles, also reading glasses if you need them!
5. One dirty or beat up small pliers to use during the solder process. 
6. Soldering brick, solderite square, or carbon block so that you can safely torch metal.
7. Disposable gloves
8. Small shears to cut metal, (smooth blades best). 
9. Small hammer with a ball peen on one side
10. Steel hammering block
11. Small jewelry flush wire cutters. 
12. Two jewelry pliers to use on jump rings.
13. Old toothbrush
14. Tacky glue or E-6000 glue for fabric back
15. Bits of beaded chain or rosary chain to incorporate into chain provided (optional)