Virginia Beach 2018 Art and Soul Workshops

Workshop Details

Susan Lenart-Kazmer
9:00 - 12:00
Thursday AM

VA221 - Industrial Bangle Bracelet

$ 90  


Learn to build in my style and complete an unusual bangle bracelet. I use this as a core structure to my work and fashion assignments and add charms or druze stones later. Expand your vocabulary in jewelry and learn to hand hammer and anneal with 14 gauge wire to create a bracelet with unusual charm with comfort, durability, sophistication. Draw a bead for closure and learn to flatten the bead to create a gorgeous industrial look.  Add a trendy edge to your finished work in this 3 hour class. Fabricate metal wire and dark patina for a distinctive finish.

$25.00 Kit includes:
 BRONZE 14 TO 10 GAUGE wire, sterling silver wire, sand paper file

Please bring to class:
bench block or small anvil, wire snips, needle round and chain nose pliers, pliers to hold your piece near the fire, metal file,

I will provide the following tools- hammers, anvil, drills, drill bit, annealing pans, torches, patinas