Virginia Beach 2018 Art and Soul Workshops

Workshop Details

Nancy Prichard
9:00 - 4:30
Thursday October 4

VA292 - Time Will Tell

$ 150  


Time to get moving and enroll yourself in this fun and thought-provoking workshop! Students will create a mixed media clock that pays homage to a person, place or thing and incorporates words and sayings related to time. We will make time for concept development and evaluate how color, words, and symbols communicate. There’s no time to waste since time flies! Go for it!

Materials Fee & List of what is supplied: $20

 Foam board, polymer medium, tissue paper, modeling clay, cutting mat for class use, an assortment of scrap materials and found materials (natural and man-made), some general drawing and paint supplies, preprinted text, handouts, basic hand tools, palette paper, water dishes, clock parts kit, assorted wood pieces, masking tape, spray fixative

Supplies Needed for Class:
 Utility knife, scissors, ruler, tacky craft glue, paint brush, pencil

Optional items:
scrap papers, boards, fabric, wood, metal, etc., favorite drawing and painting supplies, found objects and images related to subject matter (homage to person, place, or thing), cutting mat