Virginia Beach 2018 Art and Soul Workshops

Workshop Details

Nancy Sacco
6:30 - 9:30
Thursday Eve

VA283 - Acrylic Pour Pendant and Painting

$ 85  


OMG! Here’s a great two-fer! (Actually a three-fer!)
1. Make an acrylic pour “skin”
2. Create a pendant with acrylic skins that are already dry
3. Make your own acrylic pour painting on a canvas
Recently I’ve become obsessed with a painting technique called Acrylic Pour. The colors, movement, and unpredictable beauty achieved are fascinating to me. Of course, I had to take this technique a step further to make it useful in jewelry making.
You will learn how to do an acrylic pour on specialty papers to make an acrylic “skin” that you will take home to dry and have ready to cut and make more jewelry. In class we will use acrylic skins that have already dried and are ready for you to cut out and insert into premade bezels. Pre-dried “skins” will be used in the class due to the length of time it takes for a freshly made acrylic pour to dry.
You will also make an acrylic pour painting on an 8x10” canvas.
The paints, canvasses, paper, and bezels and glass bezel domes, plus miscellaneous tools and paint additives will be provided for you to use in class.
Come prepared to get messy and have a great time taking this really fun class! Don’t wear your Sunday best, and bring an apron or cover-up to protect your clothing from paint.
You will leave with an acrylic skin, a painted canvas, and at least 3 pendants!
All materials, tools, and supplies are provided.

Supply List $30 includes: all materials

*Some tools or equipment may have to be shared.