Virginia Beach 2018 Art and Soul Workshops

Workshop Details

Nancy Sacco
9:00 - 4:30
Thursday October 4

VA282 - Gemstone Inlay Pendant

$ 150  


.Stone inlay is a wonderfully artistic hands-on way to create jewelry featuring the boundless colors that gemstones provide. Gemstones add such warmth to a piece, and your selection of a stone or stones allows your personality to shine through. The choice of gemstones often represents a birth month, an emotion, or simply love of a particular color or color combination. Wouldn’t this be a great birthstone pendant for someone to wear as a tribute to loved ones!
In this beginning inlay class you will choose your pendant shape from some suggested ones that will be provided for you, or come prepared with your own shape design in mind. You’ll be shown how to make a bezel (or bezels) and solder them to your pendant using just a small butane torch. Once your pendant base has been made, cleaned up and patinaed, you will choose and set gemstones into the bezels. Your imagination is the only boundary for creating a pendant you will wear often and treasure for a lifetime.
All tools, materials and equipment needed to make this beautiful pendant will be provided. There is nothing to bring or buy ahead of time!
No prior experience is necessary. Must be at least 17 years old to sign up.
As we will be using torches, please tie back long hair, wear close toed shoes, and do not wear loose, flowing clothing.

Supply List $30 includes: 

copper sheet and bezel wire, copper solder, choice of a variety of gemstone chips, typed instructions, and pendant templates.