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Wabi Sabi, Boro and Collage

Donna Watson
9:00 - 4:30
Monday & Tuesday Oct 18/19

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$ 340  

Come join the Zen of creativity for 2 days!
Wabi Sabi is a Japanese aesthetic. This Japanese aesthetic is a beauty of things imperfect, incomplete and impermanent… rustic, earthy, simple, textured, and organic. Boro is a Japanese word meaning “tattered rags” and is used to describe patched clothing and bedding. Boro embodies the Japanese aesthetic of wabi sabi. In this workshop, we will re-create this Boro effect using Japanese washi papers instead of fabric. Following demonstrations and techniques, participants will make their own collage papers in the tradition of boro, using paint, rubber stamps, stamping tools, and stencils. On the second day, the artist will learn basic compositions and design elements and principles based on Zen tenets like balance and harmony. Artists will create a number of collages based on boro and wabi sabi elements. They will return home feeling blessed by Buddha. 

INSTRUCTOR WILL HAVE PACKETS OF JAPANESE WASHI PAPERS AVAILABLE FOR  $15.00…as most of these washi papers will be difficult to find

Supply list to bring to class:Paint: acrylics- tubes - black, white and 4+ colors of your choice (fluid acrylics do not work well with these techniques)
Brushes: one cheap flat brush for gluing
Matte medium: small jar Acrylic Matte Medium for gluing
Spray water bottles (1): filled with water
Brayer: Two- 2”- 3 rubber brayers (soft is best… not hard and not sponge)
Gelli - Gel printing plate: 8”x10”
White plastic trash bags - 1-2 - large to dry papers on
Surfaces for collage: must be white or off white — anything is welcome
suggestions: journal pages, watercolor paper, illustration board, can-vas or cradled wood… ALL 10”x10” or smaller (8”x8” or 8”x10”). Bring 4-6 of these for collages
I highly recommend that if canvas or wood supports are used, they be painted with white gesso before the workshop

Water container, palette (can be paper palette pad or paper plates),
paper towels
Gloves - rubber disposable ones

Optional: rubber stamps with stamp pads, stencils, stamping tools, found papers, other washi papers


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