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Grunging the Gelli Print

Clarissa Callesen
9:00 - 4:30
Thursday Oct 21

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$ 170  

Do you have a Gelli plate that you have messed around with and made a few collage papers with, but now it sits on the shelf, or are you obsessed with the Gelli plate and have 100s of prints? Either way, I would like to invite you to explore the unique techniques and esthetics that I bring to Gelli printing. Texture and grunge are at the base of all my work. I have spent many hours experimenting in order to recreate the look of peeling paint and ancient textures. The Gelli plate is amazing too that allows you to create monoprints without an expensive printing press and toxic inks. The Gelli plate is currently being used to create a lot of collage materials for people, but I am going to challenge you to use it as a tool to create a completed work of art. We will cover easy techniques for register your plate, focus on layering, and use mark making to complete the composition. I always encourage experimentation and embracing mistakes. Encouraging and supporting creativity is at the base of my teaching. My job is to share techniques and then encourage and support your unique expression.

Materials Fee $10 paid at beginning of class includes:

3 types of paper: copy, card stock, and glossy
Metallic acrylic paints
Water soluble graphite and pens.
Texture tools
Vintage papers

 Supplies Needed  to bring for Class:

• 2 Gelli plates any size or shape

• A brayer

• An assortment of acrylic paints from different manufactures. We are looking to experiment with different qualities of paint: include some cheap craft paints, a transparent paint, a heavy bodied paint, and perhaps that strange paint you don’t know what to do with. Make sure to include a black and white.

• Paint brushes

• Wet wipes and paper towels

• A palette and water container

• A small container of gel matte medium (I use Liquitex)

• Your favorite pens or pencils for mark making



• Heat gun and extension cord

• Mixed media or watercolor paper

• Specific stencils you want to use (I will be providing an assortment for use in class)

• Texture tools or stamps (I will be providing an assortment for use in class)

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