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Gubbio, Italy 2023 - Sept 11-18, 2023

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Portland, OR 2024 FALL - October 17-24, 2024

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Rivista d' Arte

Lisa Bebi

Sept 3-10

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Rivista d' Arte:  Personal Artist Journal

Bring home your individual memories of Gubbio in journal/booklet form. We will combine found and/or purchased papers with your personal photographs to build a piece of unique mixed media artwork. We will treasure hunt for papers to incorporate into our art: found materials, photographs, newspapers, etc. The end result will be a complete a chic, layered journal booklet.

Techniques taught will include (but not limited to):
• Lisa's special “paintover” techniques
• Polymer transfers
• The use of acrylic paints
• Correct gluing & burnishing techniques for collage
• Contact paper transfers
• Substrates building
• Gel plate printing for background papers

Colors used will be inspired by Gubbio's local colors: the pink-grey of the aged limestone buildings, orange of the clay roof tiles, sienna of the rich earth, verdant greens of the surrounding farmlands, etc.
All materials and tools will be provided by the instructor. You may bring your own items & photos if you choose. We will have a printer that can make prints of photos from your smart phones!
This workshop will unfold in a relaxed, supportive atmosphere with lots of humor and good vibes. Beginners welcome.

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