Upcoming Retreats

Portland, OR April 2024 - April 14 - 21, 2024

Harrisburg, PA May 2024 - May 13-19, 2024

Portland, OR 2024 August - August 11-18, 2024

Gubbio, Italy 2024 - Sept 28-Oct 8, 2024

Portland, OR 2025 - March 15-24, 2025

Arrive at Hotel after 3:00pm—wine & welcome snacks
Day 1: Class with Lisa, lunch on own, class resumes - group dinner
Day 2: Class with Lisa—Town Market Sale in Gubbio if desired, lunch on own—evening free
Day 3: Tour of Gubbio & Gypsum Class—lunch on own, afternoon with Lisa—evening free
Day 4: Cooking Class—Afternoon with Lisa—evening free
Day 5: Tour to Assisi - evening free
Day 6: Class with Lisa—evening free
Day 7: Pottery Class & Lunch with Leonardo—class time if desired—evening free
Day 8: Class with Lisa—evening free
Day 9: Tour to Fabriano—final group Dinner

*After lunches, we will offer options of various tours:
Take a sky lift to the top of Mt Ingino where we can visit the small oratory where the preserved Saint Ubaldo is located

Tour 7 medieval churches to gather materials for our journals

Visit the museum

Paint with Lisa in the farmlands

Below is a clickable video of a guided tour of Gubbio created by an American who did a walking tour of the town. He points out interesting aspects and cool historical points that are only found in Gubbio.  He does show some (stairs) steps that may look steep but those are not the essential paths to the town.


We will visit the beautiful town of Assisi  


Other activities:

If you love truffles, Gubbio has them - the mountains behind the hotel are a huge source. Therefore, Gubbio smells delicious.

The town market sale on Tuesday is when Gastone and Lisa buy cheeses, meats, breads, veggies etc. but they also sell clothes, trinkets, handmade goods to sell to locals - they are not priced for tourists because tourism isn't their huge trade.

Hiking path: there is a 4.9-mile loop trail that originates behind our hotel. Generally considered a moderately challenging route, it takes an average of 2 h 50 min to complete.

A pleasant walk full of wonderful landscapes waterfalls, little chapels and mountain drinking water. At the top is the Basilica of Sant'Ubaldo where the 1300 c. saint is on display in a glass case.
If you are not into hiking/walking there is a cablecar you can take to the top. Or drive up.

 Unique to Gubbio. Prehistory site!!
There is an accessible prehistoric site (near the hotel) that shows the K/Pg Boundary; which is a clay like seam (containing outer space material "iridium" only found in outer space material) that separates where the Cretaceous ends and Paleogene begin. In other words, the very spot where geologists found evidence of a one violent extraterrestrial impact (giant meteorite) causing the extinction of dinosaurs. It's visible. You can see the seam between reddish limestone and white limestone. You can even put your hand in it. I have. The large fossils of dinosaurs are found in white limestone and and only small crustaceans swimmers are found in the red limestone.

So much to offer in this historic village in Umbria.

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