Ocean City, MD 2019 Art and Soul Workshops

Workshop Details

9:00 - 4:30
Thursday Oct 10

Robot Assemblages

$ 170  


Learn a variety of cold-connection techniques while constructing a your own unique robot character. We will start with familiar objects such as tins, and teaspoons and give them a new identity. Now you’ll know what to do with all those cool items you’ve been collecting!

Supplies Needed for Class:
The fun stuff
• Items for heads – tea balls, small tins, etc.
• Items for legs – Something sturdy with a flat top. Something made of wood (spools or kids blocks) or hollow tin or aluminum(spice tin, film canister, hair rollers) will make your life easy!
Items for arms - bottle openers, spoons, Keys chains – the sky’s the limit!
What about feet? Flat on the bottom unless your robot will sit and the legs will be dangling.
• Items for the face, eyes, nose, tongue…
• Will your robot have antennae or a tail? Springs, wire whisks, oil can…whatever moves you.
The basics
• Wire- 18, and 20 gauge. (A few yards of each.)
• Flat paint brush (3/8” works well)
• Clay tools – anything you can use to push clay around with.
• Wire cutters
• Screw punch or hand drill or crop-a-dile, or dremel tool. Any one will work
• Center punch, if you have one
• Jewelry tools – bring what you have. I usually use round nose pliers, two pair of bent chain
nose pliers, and a pair of pliers with a flat blade. I will have mine to share, also. Don’t feel that you have to buy tools.
• Wire cutters

Class fee: $20 paid to instructor at beginning of class includes:
Instructor will provide: Apoxie sculpt, clear gesso, hardware items to help in attaching the pieces together. Extra assemblage items will be available for purchase, but are not required.