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Wax Your Whistle

Linda Lenart McNulty-Luminous Encaustics
9:00 - 4:30
Monday Oct 7

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$ 175  

So often the simple act of laying down a lively brushstroke is overlooked in our complex paintings, so it’s nice to get back to basics and create strokes and surface areas full of intention and energy. Layering color is its own art and in this workshop I will show you how to choose beautiful color palettes, and take a look at different approaches to color layering and what works for you. We will then scratch and dig into our surfaces, as sgraffito, intaglio and intarsia.
These three forms of digging into warm wax reveal your wax layers in different ways: scratching away at the surface for a distressed look, carving into the surface to reveal hidden color layers as a matter of design, and digging wax areas out completely, then filling with new colorful fragrant wax for contrast.
Your hands and heart will be renewed by playing with aromatic beeswax, tree sap and pure pigment. Come play! All levels of experience and non-experience welcome.
For more information, go to luminousencaustics.com or email me at linda@luminousencaustics.info.
Techniques covered in this workshop: varied brushstroke, color layering and scraping, surface textures, mark making as line and sgraffito, intaglio, and intarsia.

Materials Fee $45 payable to instructor at beginning of class includes:
Encaustic medium, encaustic Paint, use of encaustic brushes, griddles, skillets, little wax pots, torches, and a variety of encaustic digging, scraping and carving tools, some surface mixed media, handouts.

Supplies Needed to bring for Class:

1. 3 wood painting boards (cradle boards are nice!), 6”x6” or 8”x8” or smaller - get dimensions you like, not to big! If you want to go tinier, you can double up on the amount of boards. Encaustic paintings are thick with many layers, so you don’t need as much surface area.
2. A few wads of paper towels for clean up
3. 2-3 pairs of Nitrile gloves
4. Wax paper for transporting paintings

Optional Items:

1. If you own a small torch, please bring it as we will be sharing. Just empty it before placing it in your luggage, and put a note on it that says it’s empty.
2. You could jot down some colors and some imagery you like. No pressure- I’ll be there to give you ideas, but if you like, you could capture a few images in your phone and pop them into your notes to inspire you on the spot. Not too many- don’t confuse yourself. Limit yourself to two or three colors that grab your eye, and maybe the thought of “barn” or “ladder” or “hearts”, so when we get to carving doodly line, or choosing color for your first brushstroke, you’re ready. ?



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