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Wild & Waxy

Linda Lenart McNulty-Luminous Encaustics
9:00 - 4:30
Tuesday Oct 8

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$ 155  

This is the second encaustic workshop in my series of four that I am presenting here at Art & Soul at Ocean City. Take all four classes to gain mastery in encaustic painting technique, or jump in anywhere along the way just for fun. Luminous Encaustics Studio on-the-Road brings excellent encaustic instruction right to your door, with a full encaustic studio set up, and small class size for personal instruction.
Now our encaustic foundation is ready to be stretched.
Creating art is the balance of mindfulness, playfulness, and abandon. We leave our small selves behind, as we engage in a labor of love which brings forth new visions and actions that seem to come from a higher and larger place than ourselves. We can tap into this higher place, through warm encaustic wax. Our senses are stimulated by aroma, color, and the visceral feel of laying down nature’s own vehicle of the senses - beeswax, tree sap, and pigment. Whether we must credit our muses, or just our inner artist, we can learn to tap into this mindful state to recieve abundant color, form, rhythm, dynamics, texture, and essence in our paintings.
In this workshop we will paint with abandon, dig and smash, scrape, peel and press different natural objects into and onto the wax, such as wood, metal and fabric. We will scribble and rub, and I promise, your paintings will surprise you and fulfill you. We will connect with each other as a group, and you will leave more connected to yourself as an unlimited creative being.
There is nothing like it. Come join me for an invigorating session of wax play that will draw you in and bring your spirit out like the child you once were. All levels of experience and non-experience welcome! For more information, go to luminousencaustics.com or email me at linda@luminousencaustics.info.
Techniques covered in this workshop: artmaking through creativity tapping affirmations, review of brushstroke and color layering, squash-stamping-intaglio, squash-stamping-intarsia, surface scraping, script incising, embedding metal and ribbon, metallic color rubs.

Materials Fee $45 payable to instructor at beginning of class includes:
Encaustic medium, encaustic paint, use of encaustic brushes, griddles, skillets, little wax pots, torches, a variety of encaustic scraping and incision tools, bits of metal for embedding, wooden printing blocks,silk ribbon, metallic pigment stick, handouts including luminous encaustics affirmations.

Supplies Needed to bring for Class:

1. 3 wood painting boards (cradle boards are nice!), 6”x6” or 8”x8” or smaller - get dimensions you like, not to big! If you want to go tinier, you can double up on the amount of boards. Encaustic paintings are thick with many layers, so you don’t need as much surface area.
2. A few wads of paper towels for clean up
3. 2-3 pairs of Nitrile gloves
4. Wax paper for transporting paintings

Optional Items:

1. If you own a small torch, please bring it as we will be sharing. Just empty it before placing it in your luggage, and put a note on it that says its empty.
2. You could jot down a color or two that you like and also a few individual words that captivate you. Something you like to study or that tickles your fancy. We will scribe those words into the wax. You could write a tiny prayer or affirmation if you’d like to see that in your paintings.
3. If you have a few personal items you’d like to embed into your paintings, then by all means, bring them. 



Many of the required supplies may be pre-ordered from Artistic Artifacts.  They will be ready and waiting for you to pick up when you arrive at the retreat. To order supplies, contact Artistic Artifacts.

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