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Princess Royale Crown of Glory

9:00 - 4:30
Sunday Oct 6

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$ 170  

Of course, we all want a princess crown, right?! Some of us will wear them to weddings or parties or flirt it on down the art event runway. Others may want to display this fabulous piece in the art studio, on the mantle, or maybe use to dress up a mannequin or give a lampshade new life. Whatever the reason for owning your crown, make it royale! We will learn the basic of solder iron techniques and create a piece using wire and lots of bling. Secret tips and tricks to help you fashion the perfect piece!
Kit Fee $30.00 - Please bring the exact amount of the kit fee or a check made out to Lynne Suprock/Mixed Media to be collected at the start of class.
 Includes: I will bring several fume extractors to keep odor and any smoke to a minimum. We will share my safety silicon mats (no cookie trays needed for this class), sal ammoniac blocks, flux and brushes, flux neutualizer, ceramic surface blocks, terry rags, and all the silver wire. I will also supply felt an lace, combs and some basic bling.

Students Must Bring:
1. Soldering set up, which includes a soldering iron…Please make sure it is a 100 Watt ¼” CHISEL FLAT TIPPED SOLDERING IRON (no knife like or point tips), with a sturdy stand, and small cellulose type sponge. Your iron should have either a separate rheostat or one built into the handle to plug the iron into to control an even temperature. This process is very difficult without a rheostat. Also bring your own ½ pound spool of NON-LEAD solder, large bead, with NO rosin core. If you do not have these exact tools, Artistics Artifacts has put them all together for you and will send them directly to you before the workshop, if you pre-order at sales@artisticartifacts.com
Any Artistic Artifacts cost incurred will be in addition to the $30.00 kit fee.
If you have any doubts as to whether your iron and rheostat will work, send me a picture of your equipment asap. ***
2. A dirty or beat up small pliers to use during the actual solder process. You will need it to manipulate your pieces during the process and the flux will ruin new pliers.
3. 91% rubbing alcohol, from wal-mart or drug store
4. Old toothbrush.
5. Optional: bring your own costume pieces. Vintage works best because it will almost always solder to the wires we will use. Use broken earrings, pins, necklaces, metal buttons. Metal that solders include copper, brass, silver, silver plated, nickel. What DOES NOT SOLDER with the flux and solder we will use are the metals aluminum, stainless steel, sterling silver, chrome or chrome plated pieces, gold, or platinum.

*** If you do not have the your own soldering iron set up, as listed above in #1, please order supplies from Judy Gula’s, Artistic Artifacts store online at sales@artisticartifacs.com Here you will can order the soldering equipment that you need for the class and for years of enjoyment at home.


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