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Wax Peels

Linda Lenart McNulty-Luminous Encaustics
9:00 - 4:30
Thursday Oct 10

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$ 175  

In this encaustic painting workshop I will guide you through some extreme waxy color play! Sculpturally, we will be playing with recessed surfaces by deep smash-stamping with wooden batik stamps and embedded collage. Using hand-cut stencils of our own design, we will layer and then peel back our designs from the topmost layers of our wax, which will reveal our beautiful patterns hiding underneath and create beautiful relief surfaces.
I will guide you through color palettes and my tricks of mixing my colors right on the warm palette for color nuance, and I will expand your color vocabulary.
On the surface of our paintings, we will hand roll our warm wax scrapings to sculpt tiny botanicals. There is nothing like getting right in and handling warm, aromatic beeswax and tree sap. You will love this part. And as a final touch, we will experiment with expressing ourselves with metallic line and metal leaf which will feel like icing on a cake. All levels of experience and non-experience welcome! For more information, go to luminousencaustics.com or email me at linda@luminousencaustics.info.
Techniques covered in this workshop: color mixing, smash-stamping, embedding collage, waxy paint peels, hand sculpting waxy botanicals, and metallic surface play.

Materials Fee $45 payable to instructor at beginning of class includes:
Encaustic medium, encaustic paint, use of encaustic brushes, griddles, skillets, little wax pots, torches, a variety of encaustic incising and carving tools, tweezers, stencil paper, wood printing blocks, collage papers, a variety of pigment sticks, metallic pigments & oil paints, metal leaf, metallic transfer paper, color charts and color wheels, handouts

Supplies Needed to bring for Class:

1. 3 wood painting boards (cradle boards are nice!), 6”x8” suits our compositional needs
2. A few wads of paper towels for clean up
3. 3-4 pairs of Nitrile gloves
4. Wax paper for transporting paintings

Optional Items:

1. If you own a small torch, please bring it as we will be sharing. Just empty it before placing it in your luggage, and put a note on it that says its empty.
2. We will be working with simple silhouettes of imagery, so if you want to spend time on a personal image that is a silhouette and would fit within the size restraints (not too big!), feel free to draw something out ahead of time. I’ll have little silhouettes we can all use, so we’re good there.
3. If you have personal collage papers you’d like to embed into your paintings, please bring them.
4. If you own a color wheel, please bring it. 




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