Ocean City, MD 2020 Art and Soul Workshops

Workshop Details

Amy Oestreicher
9:00 - 4:30
Wednesday Oct 28

Detour Art: Painting and Text

$ 155  


In this mixed-media collage and acrylic painting class, participants will learn abstract, and expressive painting techniques to create "detour art" paintings incorporating found text. . Rather than pre-plan, outline, or draft up your work beforehand, you’ll learn how to let go and excavate the imagery that emerges from your own improvised art “detours.” Using everyday materials, you’ll learn how to take creative risks through your paintings, incorporating found text and collage and leaving with a finished canvas. We will start off the workshop with short creative writing prompts. We will experiment with found text, and learn how to incorporate words and phrases into our finished designs. Then, we'll learn techniques build layers of paint on a blank canvas, blend your media, and learn how to decide when your artwork is "finished.;

Designed as a workshop expressive art, painting and collage, you’ll also be introduced to new mixed media techniques, and materials such as spackle, gesso, sketching tools, print-making tools, stamps, paints and various embellishments. With creative tools, tips and exercises, you'll discover how the ability to mix technique, design and artistic play.


Materials Fee $25 paid at beginning of class includes:


Supplies Needed  to bring for Class:

- small brush for details
- 1 inch flat brush
- 1 larger brush
- additional brushes as desired to experiment with of different sizes and styles.
16 x 20 canvas paper or mixed media paper
Optionally, a 16 x 20 linen canvas.
- non toxic acrylic paint primary colors, white and black
- Colored pencils or crayons (small set)
- White acrylic gesso
Optional items:
- Small detail scissor (for fabrics, if desired)
Puff Paints
Your preference for glue or adhesive (glue gun will be provided as well as glossy matte
Additional embellishments as desired: ribbons, buttons, sequins (not required, some will be provided)
Additional material and fabric, felts, as desired, (not required, some will be provided)
If you’d like to bring an old magazine, book, or found text, feel free