Harrisburg, PA May 2024 Art and Soul Workshops

Workshop Details

Donna Downey
9:00 - 4:30
Wed/Thur May 15-16

Dont Hold Back

$ 385  


We’ve been conditioned to think art is about developing technique or natural born ability...but I say “bullshit!” I believe art is about tapping into the human soul and awakening the freedom to be comfortable with our own marks, our unique placement of shape, our use of color and then connecting the parts instinctively into a whole.

It is not enough to be an intuitive painter. Artists use the intuitive process beyond the mark to tell their stories, but first we must embrace the pieces of our untethered artistic soul.

Develop your artistic instincts. Trust the instinctual process of allowing what’s inside of you to come out by embracing the intuitive mark-making that is in your heart without any thought. Lean into the fear of letting go or expectations and allow your painting to evolve based on pure emotion. Embrace what you do and never question anything about it. There is no analysis, judgement, or do overs, in intuitive painting. There is no discipline or thought necessary. It is your gut, heart, and soul talking, not your brain.

Students will learn to work in acrylic layers across a large canvas as Donna shares tips for building a stronger working knowledge of color blending transitional layers while experimenting with tools, textures and shape. Begin to confidently use the surface as your narrative and paint what feels right...allow your story to unfold naturally.


Students will need the following supplies for class:
1 large canvas (30" or size comfortable for you to travel with)
Additional substrate (this could be paper, journal or additional canvas of any size. We will use this to create what I refer to as a “cast off” painting (if time allows) from the left over bits from the first painting.
studio easel
A variety of favorite fluid and heavy body acrylic paints
Marabu acrylic spray paint (i like black but any color is fun)
1 or 2 collage papers
white gesso
small and large brushes
fun mark making tools (for example: palette knife, wedges, spatula, scrapers)
baby wipes
paper towels
brush bucket/water bucket
palette paper and/or sta-wet palette
spray bottle