Harrisburg, PA May 2024 Art and Soul Workshops

Workshop Details

Heather Neilson
9:00 - 4:30
Sat/Sun May 18-19

Garden-inspired Gel Plate Printing and Mixed Media Workshop

$ 365  


Are you inspired by the garden and botanical forms? Do you like paper ephemera and collage? Spring is a perfect time to honor our love of nature by using fresh leaves and other nature inspired techniques to our art making practice.
Day 1
Create stunning prints with leaves, paint, a gel plate and more.  You will learn how to use high quality GOLDEN OPEN and regular acrylics to create a variety of effects. Learn color combinations that work well with this process and how varying ways of applying the paint and other techniques can create visually stunning results.  You will be amazed by the amount of prints you can make in one day.  If you are new to gel plate printing or just want to re-energize your gel plate practice, this is a satisfying and quick paced workshop with a variety of options to personalize your work.
Day 2
Using the prints made the first day we will create abstract mixed media collages using the gel prints, paint, mark making tools and more.  You will learn how to apply the principles of Value, Color, Shape and Composition to your abstract mixed media collages 

Materials Fee $15 paid at beginning of class includes:

the use of gel plate, brayer, GOLDEN OPEN and some regular
acrylics, fresh leaves, stencils, a variety of paper for printing, collage materials,
some brushes, mark making tools and more. 


Supplies Needed  to bring for Class:

8 ounces Soft Gel semi-gloss medium
2 cradled wood panels any size between 12x12” and 20x20"
2 or more brushes - Approx 1 inch for glue and another for painting
A few of your favorite acrylic colors plus black and white
Palette of your choice for paint
Small cup for glue (eg small yogurt container
Container for water (eg large yogurt container)
Paper towels