Harrisburg, PA May 2024 Art and Soul Workshops

Workshop Details

Trish McKinney
9:00 - 4:30
Wed May 15

Party On Your Paper – Gel Press Mono-printing & Painting On Delicious Prepared Surfaces

$ 185  


Who doesn’t love to have complete freedom and fun painting? Using seemingly random, deliciously colorful, and wildly patterned gel printed papers is a recipe for FUN! Painting on top of these papers? Well, THAT is a PARTY ON YOUR PAPER! Learn the exciting process of how Trish creates “prepared surfaces” and then paints on top of them and answers the question: What can I do with all of my millions of gel prints?!
The 1st half of class will be learning how to create beautiful gel press printed papers with exciting color combinations, and collaging them onto watercolor paper = the party!
The 2nd half of class time will be about composing a painting on top of this prepared surface = how to tame the party down a bit!
Students will learn to monoprint, collage, negative painting, lost & found edges, and color theory all in one class = non-stop FUN!
Now…who wants to have a party?!  

Kit fee $25 paid to instructor at beginning of class includes:

Ampersand Aquabord, Gel Press Printing Plates, GOLDEN Paints – Open Acrylics & Fluid Acrylics, Gesso, & Matte Medium, Brushes, StencilGirl Stencils (Trish’s designs), Reference Photos, Handouts, & more!

Supplies Needed to Bring to Class:

water container, & paper towels