Harrisburg, PA May 2024 Art and Soul Workshops

Workshop Details

Kate Thompson
9:00 - 4:30
Mon/Tue May 13-14

The Abundant Book

$ 365  


I call this The Abundant Book because I celebrate all the beauty I have collected over the years. My love for vintage fabric and papers made me want to put all this goodness together into a book that will be a treasure and add to my beautiful collection of meaningful objects I can get visual pleasure and inspiration from. In this class we will be making a 3 signature art book (9.5" x 6") We will create the pages using a variety of techniques-dyeing, fabric patchworking, collage on paper. We will gather a collection of vintage ephemera to fill in the book pages as well. There are demonstrations on my particular way to collage and paint. Taking these collages a step further by dipping them into dye baths. I demonstrate image transfers, several embroidery stitches which create beautiful mark making, wire work, stitching a patchwork, layering borders and bundles with complexity as well as simplicity. It all comes together as we gather our pages into signatures and sew those signatures to create a beautiful intriguing book.

Supplies Needed  to bring for Class:

Vintage Fabric and laces (check vintage stores and swap meets, check out Etsy and Ebay)
watercolor paper, copy paper, craft paper Size 9.5" x 12"
Vintage Ephemera ( I buy alot of mine from https://www.monahanpapers.com)
Chalk paints (get them at Michaels or Hobby Lobby)
Golden acrylic paints- I use Alizarin crimson, paynes gray, ultramarine blue, quin nickel azo gold, titanian white, Water colors-your choice of colors
matte medium, Golden Self Leveling
Gel, gesso, clear gesso
Instructor will supply;
Dark annealed wire, gauge 24 https://www.amazon.com/Hillman-Group-123122-Annealed-1-Pack/dp/B000BPBV20
waxed linen (Michaels or Hobby Lobby) , embroidery floss, sewing needles, darners for waxed linen.
joint compound (Home Depot or Lowes) which is premixed plaster
Purchase from instructor:
If you don’t have a collection of vintage fabric I will have Fabric for the pages
Paper ephemera