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Lisa Thorpe
9:00 - 4:30
Tue May 14

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$ 185  

This is a well-being-focused workshop. The day will be divided into 4 sections. In each section we will consider life’s inflection points through reflection and sharing then art exploration. We will begin each section with brief meditation and grounding then explore a poem or quote to focus on the theme. After a demonstration of art response ideas and techniques, there will be time for personal reflection and a creative art response. The guided art response gives lots of space for individual creativity and originality to suit each participant’s style, background, and experience. The section will close with sharing for anyone who chooses to. The day is divided into four 90 min sections each with its own art reflection. The art responses are designed for all skill levels and are intended as an entry to an ongoing art journaling journey. Why art journaling? I believe that using different pathways through art and poetry can help us crack open parts of ourselves that we have let lay dormant or unexamined. Art can get at feelings that are sometimes out of reach of words and gives a new modality of expression and exploration. I will be your guide for this art journaling experience. I am an artist, teacher, and lifelong art journal creator – the process has been a beautiful unfolding for me – I think you’ll enjoy it too.

Materials Fee $10 paid at beginning of class includes:

• White #10 gel pen
• White wax crayon
• A sampling of art papers cut to 3-inch squares.
• A page of a map

Supplies Needed  to bring for Class:

• 9x12” MIXED MEDIA spiral bound, sketch book –
a sketch book that doesn’t say mixed media will ripple when pages get damp from paint or glue You don’t have to have this brand, but Mixed media is the key term.
• Watercolors. You can use inexpensive classroom watercolors, travel watercolors or anything you might have.
•Watercolor brush large and medium (student grade brush is fine)
•Start collecting papers to cut up and use like: Origami papers, printed art papers, magazine images, old cards, old letters, old journal pages, wrapping paper, tissue paper, candy wrapper foil, old photos… anything really the interests you
• A photo of someone no longer in your life that you miss and/or a photo of a younger you.
•Colored pencils of any kind are good too have but don’t need to be expensive.
• Glue Stick of any kind
• Scissors
• Ruler
• Pencil
• Cup for water
•Optional: Washi tape (Japanese decorative tape is fun to have but not necessary)

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