Harrisburg, PA May 2024 Art and Soul Workshops

Workshop Details

Lisa Thorpe
9:00 - 4:30
Wed/Thur May 15-16

Guardian Angel

$ 365  


We all need a little extra help sometimes, someone in your corner to boost your confidence, your spirit or even your defiance! So why not make your own custom icon, your own imaginary saint or spirit guide? Perhaps you need your very own Patron Saint of Serenity, or how about an Earth Goddess Guardian Angel? Maybe you need a Spirit Guide to Adventure? Whatever kind of guide you need you can express yourself through this two-day mixed media workshop. Your Angel can be serious or silly, meditative or magical it’s up to you!

I will provide a mix female faces, both animal and human to choose from as well as hand and basic body patterns so you don’t need to worry about your drawing skills at all. I will demonstrate how to design your Guardian Angel using the printed patterns I provide and decorative papers you bring. This collage technique is at once flexible, forgiving and fun. This workshop is great for beginners who want to explore mixed media art more and practiced artist who want to express themselves in a new way. Everyone will go home with a custom “icon” created on an 11x14 canvas panel.

Materials Fee $35 paid at beginning of class includes:

Animal and human faces and hands,
• 9 body shape patterns in a variety of sizes and poses to choose from,
• Tracing and transfer paper
• Extra embellishment materials to make crowns, halos, wings, swords.
• Paint and brushes will be provided for tinting images.
• Extra bits like glitter and washi tape will also be provided
• Tools to share such as exacto knife, paper punches and scissors
• Yes paste to share

Supplies Needed  to bring for Class:

• One 11x14” canvas panel (available art craft and art stores),
• Art papers in colors you love (you can use fine art papers, scrap booking papers, old books and journal pages, wrapping paper, tissue paper, origami papers all work)
• 8oz bottle of Matte Medium or Matte Mod Podge
• 1-inch stiff bristle brush for glue
• Old gift card of hotel room card for smoothing glue
• Scissors large and small