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Tin Angel

Thomas Ashman
9:00 - 4:30
Thur May 16

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$ 185  

The beauty and mystery of supernatural, winged, and unearthly creatures has captivated our collective imagination for eons, and artists throughout human history have interpreted this form in infinite variations, rendering so-called "angels" in every media available in order to express our deep wonder and fascinated awe we have for these beings unconstrained by atmosphere or gravity.
Essentially, this is an assemblage workshop. Students will start with a tin can, a porcelain doll head & hands, and a fancy glass lamp sconce, and create their very own "Tin Angel". The can itself can be any shape or size, rusty or not. Instruction revolves around bringing together dissimilar materials by transforming the appearance of the materials via torching/painting/altering them, striving for an artistically coherent appearance while learning about some solid construction materials and methods into the overall design of these sturdy litlle cherubs.
While this is a project-based course, there is a lot of room for individual expression (students are encouraged to bring along found objects and other materials, metal or otherwise, to decorate, embellish, and personalize their angel). Students will receive detailed instruction in many useful fabrication techniques, like rolling, engraving, punching, cutting, chemically altering, and drilling metal, a few handy hardware applications, some sculpting/modeling ideas, and seamlessly uniting objects with special paints, torches, tools, & other techniques.

For more info visit Black Sheep Artist Studio or email
thomasashmanart@ yahoo.com.

Materials Fee $40 paid at beginning of class includes:

detailed instruction booklet
copper or brass sheet metal for the wings
various hardware (nuts, blts, washers, allthread, etc.)
heavy metal chain
metallic surfacing paints
copper wire
two-part resin clay
clear coat spray (time permitting)

Supplies Needed  to bring for Class:

To successfully complete this project in one day, students must bring all of the following tools to class. Not having the right tools when you need them just slows everything down and can really annoy your classmates.

one tin can (no aluminum!)
porcelain doll head and hands
one fancy lamp sconce (the kind you see on those overhead fan lights. (Think: "skirt" for the angel -- and sized to fit with doll head and tin can)
shop shears or tin snips
Dremel, or other rotary tool with a grindstone, a couple sanding barrels, and a few cut-off wheels with the mandrel (a grindstone can be very helpful too)
heavy duty wire cutters
needle nose pliers
#2 Phillip's & flat head screwdrivers
safety glasses

Optional but very helpful tools, if they're not too much of a hassle:
clay sculpting tools
hammer and bench block
drill and bit set
heat gun
propane torch
nutdriver set
hand punch

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