Portland, OR 2019 Art and Soul Workshops

Workshop Details

Jane Davies
9:00 - 4:30
Thursday - March 14

P230 - Collage A Thon

$ 155  


Collage-a-thon is like a roto-tiller in the garden of your art-making practice. Churn up those ideas, get them out, let them breathe and give life to fresh work. If you are feeling a bit stale, in a rut, creatively blocked, or just want a day of fun artistic exploration, this workshop is for you! Give yourself permission to just create, without judgment, without pausing to decide whether a piece is “good” or “bad”, and without trying to finish each piece perfectly. We’re going for quantity here, sheer output; this approach lets you break free of limitations, and gets you out of your comfort zone and into new realms of possibility.

It is important to be prepared for this class if we are to make the most of the day, so read the supply list carefully, and gather your supplies in advance.

Supplies You Need to Bring to Class:
• Collage papers: a variety of hand-painted papers (please include opaque papers, not just tissue or deli-paper), book pages or text, colorful gift wrap or decorative papers, magazine material (we are focusing on color and pattern, NOT images, so cut out the relevant materials in advance), textured materials such as corrugated card or textured paper, and anything else you would like to use in collage.
• Adhesives: I use acrylic matte medium (Utrecht brand, available at Blick Art Materials) or gel medium for collage adhesive. White glue (Elmer’s) or PVA (same thing, only archival) is useful for heavier papers. Bring both.
• Brushes for matte medium and glue
• Scissors, and an X-acto knife with some kind of cutting mat (cardboard is adequate)
• Substrates: this means the paper or board that we collage onto. Because we are working in quantity, we will be working small: 5”x7”, 8”x8”, and at most 10”x10”. Substrates can include watercolor or printmaking paper, Bristol, cardboard (good opportunity to recycle), discarded paintings, cigar boxes, hardback book covers from discarded books. Please cut your substrate materials to size (if necessary) before class. Do not use flimsy papers for substrates; they need sufficient weight to bear the collage materials.
• Optional: Drawing materials such as paint markers, graphite, watercolor crayons, oil pastels, etc. Acrylic paint: plus palette, brushes, etc. We are focusing on collage, and I am not doing painting demonstrations, but if you want to include painting in your work, bring minimal materials.